About what is share in a relationship

When it comes to relationships, there are so many things to talk about and we can’t never say that a relationship is the same as another relationship, but the maximum is similar, but all are distinguished by something. Couples are different because the members are different and it is normal to be so, otherwise it would be a chaos. I like to watch from the outside the story of the love of young people and to watch, when I walk through the park to people in love, walking around holding hands or kissing continuously. Makes me feel much better and I turn a hard day into a beautiful one and that I realize that the problems are much too small to cry for them. In life we have to enjoy continuously of everything that surrounds us.
However, when we talk about couples we don’t have how to not think about things that need to be divided. I’m going to talk about three of them:
1. Money
Normally, when the relationship is very serious and form a family, your money should stay in the same place, at the common, even if one of you earns more and the other less. When you are a family, represent basically a whole, so work together for the same purpose, even if through different means.
2. Bed
Is it not natural to sleep in different beds and I don’t want to think that there are couples relatively young who do this. If you’re a couple means you love each other, and then when I think to share the same bed I’m not thinking only at sex, but and at things pretty in in a relationship: holding you in my arms, watching their partner while asleep, etc.
3. Slippers
These are always common, even if they are men or woman. Personally, I like very much as the woman next to me to wear my clothes or shoes. Make me to see her so small and beautiful that I love more.