The importance of faithfulness

The only thing I can not tolerate and I will never learn to tolerate is cheating. I just simply can’t move on. I honestly can’t understand how some girls can accept this and forgive their boyfriends. Call me unevolved but I can’t and I won’t ever be okay with such betrayl.

I believe faithfulness is extremely important in a relationship because it actually shows the real deal in a person. If you can retain yourself from the so called “biggest temptation of our times” then I think you can manage taking out the garbage or washing the dishes. Seriously now, faithfulness is among the most important aspects of a relationship because it implies granting credit and respecting the other. As long as I trust you do not step on it and mock me but respect me because you might find yourself being stepped on by me and you won’t see it coming.

A piece of advice, if you ever think about cheating, in that moment picture your partner in the same state, with someone else, kissing your partner or worse. Do you like it ? This is one of the many reasons I can’t forgive cheating. How would it be for me to sit next to him on the bed, start kissing him and when I close my eyes, picture him with that hoe ? No thanks, I stand by my principles.

One last thing: please, do not cheat . The pain your partener will feel will be huge because in his or her mind, he or she failed to live up to the expectations. And knowing you failed…it is not such a great feeling.